Culinary Arts is a male-dominated field, with fewer than 6% of head chefs being women. Women who succeed must overcome obstacles with a “Hold Nothing Back” mindset. Audi and the James Beard Foundation wanted to highlight the unique drive and tenacity of successful female head chefs, while also showcasing Audi’s own “Hold Nothing Back” approach to technology and progress.

Tilt developed a plan to shoot a series of videos in the hometowns of the eight renowned women chefs. We allotted four shoot days in each location, including a heartfelt conversation with the chef, prep and execution of a unique dinner menu, contextual and running vehicle footage from around each city, and documentary coverage of an exclusive pop-up dinner.

RESULTS: In just seven weeks, we traveled to eight different cities, shot for 32 days, and captured multi-faceted stories showcasing amazing women.

Our pared-down documentary approach was led by just four principles from Tilt, with auxiliary crew hired on location to save time and costs. When it comes to delivering for our clients, we also Hold Nothing Back.

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Chef Ashley Christensen
Chef Daniela Soto-Innes
Chef Nina Compton
Chef Angie Mar

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