Walmart was losing grocery share to its competition and research indicated that a lack of cooking confidence was an obstacle for the younger generation. It was apparent that Walmart needed to find new ways to connect with cooking-averse Millennials.

To help overcome this obstacle, Tilt created an “Always On” content series to help instill confidence through a variety of meal-prep content:

/ Simple Meals: Recipes with 30-minute prep time using 5 or fewer ingredients
/ Gatherings: Offering quick and easy ways to entertain friends at home
/ Tip & Hacks: Providing helpful shortcuts and easier-than-expected solutions

To gain production efficiencies all content for the series was shot at once. Sets were used across different content, creating continuity and simplifying setup. Talent was featured in multiple spots, adding more humanity for less money. And the same team was used throughout to alleviate extra time needed to re-brief crew members or to get new people up to speed.


/ Tilt created 31 original videos that ultimately provided 135+ final pieces of content that aired across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and BuzzFeed
/ 31.8+ million views generated
/ Recognized by Ad Age as a Top Ten Viral Video with over 19 million views

ClientWalmartServicesCreative Development
IndustryRetail / Food

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