Audi’s Airbnb Desolation TV spot featured a gorgeous blue R8 sports car ripping through the desert. The shots were beautiful; however, the abuse and the dust proved fatal to the car’s internal components. Audi was left with no choice but to write the car off. They planned to have it demolished until Audi’s resident creative director Nick Kleczewski had a better idea.

Nick’s vision for “R8 Disintegration” was to pay homage to the original R8 launch spot, “The Slowest Car We Ever Built.” So we commissioned Swiss artist Fabian Oefner to help create, “The Slowest Art We Ever Built.” Audi Richmond disassembled the car and delivered it to our studio in pieces, where Fabian meticulously photographed every part of the R8. The results were a highly engaging video, as well as dramatic poster art that fans could buy from the Audi Collection.

Destroyed by dust and disassembled, the blue R8 still had more life in it. The team reassembled and repainted the car in Tony Stark’s Iron Man Glut Orange as part of a year-long exhibit dubbed “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy.” Today the R8 sits alongside the Iron Man suit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


/ 26.1MM+ media impressions and 15 media articles
/ Social views reached 1.5MM with a few days of launch

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This content experience will truly stand as a beautiful testament and celebration of Audi’s 10 years of the R8 V10 engine and how it has become a cultural icon.
— Danielle Vontobel
    Manager, Audi KreativWerk

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